Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome To My Nightmare

Summertime is great for fresh fruit, swimming pools, ice cream, and bike riding, but it's the doldrums for TV programming.  (I should note that I haven't found a season ice cream isn't great for.)  But once the NBA finals are over, it's all downhill for primetime entertainment.  (Spellcheck was fine with 'summertime' but threw up a red flag for 'primetime'.... fickle little discriminator!)

Do actors making millions of dollars really need four months off?  My husband makes a fraction of that and he works year round.  I make exactly zero dollars an hour as a stay at home mom and can't even get four days off.  Yet, Jim Parsons, Zooey Deschanel, and the cast of Parenthood can't be bothered to make me laugh from May to September?  They leave me no choice but to pay outrageous sums of money to see the plethora of summer blockbusters at the theater.  (The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock was hilarious by the way.  But if you have an allergy or even strong sensitivity to foul language it's not for you.  Believability of plot can't be a sticking point either.)  I also saw Monsters University with the kids last week, and it was pretty funny.  Not as funny as The Heat, but the characters have a much more kid-friendly vocabulary.  There was a part of Monsters U. that was actually kinda scary, but I couldn't let on that it was because I didn't want the kids freaking out, so I just gave a nervous chuckle and looked away.  For those that have seen it, I'm talking about the part in the 'human world' where they used that wind up dolly to scare the adults.  Mission accomplished.

But this blog isn't about my time at Regal Cinemas.  (All evidence to the contrary.)  This is about what boredom can drive me to on a regular weekday night.  When all of my library books are read and I've seen enough of the news to thoroughly depress me.  When I've counteracted said depression with aforementioned summertime ice cream.  And I start perusing Movies On Demand for options, where I am notorious for making bad choices.  Sort of like with guys I dated in high school.  This one's too stupid, that one's kinda pointless, gratuitous drugs and profanity, and others that turn out to be too scary for me.

Well, that's what happened last night.  My movie choice turned out to be too scary for me.  I should mention that I have a small capacity for scary.  I can't watch Criminal Minds or American Horror Story or any movie that comes out in October.  A couple of older kids have come here trick or treating and their costumes have given me a bad case of the creeps.  But last night I saw "The Call".  It had Halle Berry and was about her job in the L.A. 911 center.  The synopsis mentioned a girl being kidnapped and talking to Halle from a car trunk.  That sounded more suspenseful than horrifying.  I can handle Harrison Ford-esque suspense style films.  I can handle car trunks.  (Note:  Harrison Ford isn't in The Call.)  And Halle Berry is an academy award winning actress known for drama movies; she'd never be in anything too scary.  WRONG!  There are way scarier things in that movie than a car trunk!!!

It was a pretty good movie, really, but just too much for my impressionable mind.

Heather + scary movie = Nightmares x 2

It was a rough night.  And my husband just loves it when I read or watch something scary and then wake him up in the middle of the night, swearing I've heard noises downstairs and forcing him to get up and go check it out.  Or when I start screaming, that's his favorite way to be awakened at two in the morning.

Tonight before bed I have promised to watch Strawberry Shortcake with the twins.