Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'll Do Whatever It Takes. . .

Dear Verizon,

Is it too late for us? I know that I said we were through, and at the time, I meant it. Being with you was costing me too much. And there were all these newer, younger providers tempting me with better, more economical deals. Virgin Mobile promised me the sun, moon, stars and unlimited texting….how was I supposed to resist that?

It was a mistake. The month of October was just one disappointment after another with V.M. No coverage, dropped calls, weak signals, and even worse, my new phone/provider woke me up in the middle of the night twice to tell me it was powering down. I had long since powered down myself and resented the interruption.

I finally reached my breaking point with Virgin Mobile today when I realized that my phone wasn’t working. The worst part is my phone was trying to hide it from me, acting all normal like it was sending out my texts. It was only when I went to call my mother that I realized my new provider had abandoned me. Apparently they had the wrong credit card number on file and when the new month started, my service ended. No warning, no customer service call asking me to give them the correct number, nothing. They just cut me off! As the day goes on, I’m beginning to realize all of the things I missed when I was without service.

I’ve seen you out with other people. You seem happy. And clear as a bell. I’m sure you don’t miss me, not after the way I dumped you and immediately took up with another provider. But I think about you all the time. How I never appreciated you when we were together. How you were there for me in even the most remote locations. I just wish we could’ve found a way to work things out.

It’s not that I don’t think you’re worth as much as my mortgage each month, just to have the ability to browse the web, not even fully surf on it, but why? Couldn’t you ease up on the Super Bowl advertising and lower the rates? I mean, I have three children and they’re not cheap. Is it worth sacrificing their futures just so I can have unlimited texting with you? Lately, I’m thinking maybe. But why do you always want such a long commitment from me? Can’t we just agree to take it a day at a time?

V.M.’s not half the provider you are, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss you and wish I could afford you. If you’re ever willing to take me back, I think I could survive with less texting, go without GPS altogether, probably. I just want to be with you. For $49 a month or less.

Wishing I was yours,


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